Why The Punisher is My Favorite Comic Character.

The Punisher is my favorite comic book character. I don’t really classify him as a super-hero, but I don’t really like the term anti-hero. Anti-hero gives off the vibe that The Punisher is, at some level, a hero, and he’s not. The Punisher is a man. That’s all he is. He has no super power so he’s not a super-hero. He fights, not for the greater good, but for himself. The Punisher is completely self-oriented. He doesn’t kill criminals because it’s just; he kills them because he hates criminals. Good Punisher stories also have an interesting dynamic between Frank and the Law. The Punisher is a vigilante, but he’s not a Batman-like figure working with the police. The police have to take down The Punisher because he’s breaking the law. However, most of the average policemen don’t mind him because he does their work for you. I think all the cops of the Marvel Universe are lazy and never do their job, because they have a Punisher to do it for them. Punisher’s power is not supernatural or even tech based. He is a Vietnam veteran. The Punisher is a huge dude who can hold his own in a one on one fistfight. However, Punisher does seem to have some crazy strength. He seems unnaturally strong and capable. I guess that’s what ‘Nam does to you. While realistically, Frank isn’t just a normal guy; In a world of super-heroes, he seems to be a pretty normal guy. The Punisher has taken more bullets than a human could really take. He’s an normal action hero in a world full of super powered freaks. Also, The Punisher doesn’t have any far-fetched enemies. He fights the mob. He kills criminals. He’s got no reason to fight aliens. Aliens didn’t kill his family. Even in the one-off where his family was killed in the middle of a big super-hero fight he still is just focused on one thing: killing whatever killed his wife and kids. The Punisher just feels real in a world of the unreal.


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