What’s Great About Let’s Plays

YouTube has quickly gained popularity in the recent years. While there’s all sorts of different content on the site, a lot of it is about video games. In fact, that is the kind of content I watch on the Internet. Reviews, news, and other types of game videos are very popular, but nothing has gained such popularity as Let’s Plays. Say what you will about them, you can’t deny that they’re popular. I don’t really like to use the term Let’s Players for the channels I watch, because, recently, that has gained a sort of double meaning. The most popular of these content creators are people like PewDiePie, Markiplier, and JackSepticEye. I personally don’t like these channels because it feels like they are putting on a show and a separate persona. While that, to an extent, can be funny (Game Grumps is a great example), if it’s done too much the effect fades. Most of the channels that I watch feature multiple people, and thus feels more like a group experience. Super Beard Brothers, Game Grumps, and Best Friends Play are my three current favorites. When people ask me who these people are I call them comedians because that’s what I think they are. As I write this, with Game Grumps playing in the background, I realize how natural these personalities feel to me because they can riff off each other. In certain cases, it feels like a podcast, because they can just talk. It’s not always about the game. However, like in the case of Super Beard Bros., they play really hard games, as well as normal stuff. The charm is both in the personalities and in seeing someone get through the challenge. There’s often moments of silence as they try to get through a tough part. Usually, dead air is considered a bad thing, however it tends to build suspense before they either fail or succeed. It’s just fascinating to watch someone do something so well. Currently, Super Beard Brothers are playing Mario 64, and they get every star in multiple levels in one episode. They are just grinding through it. To me, with funny personalities and gaming skill you can make a really entertaining show.


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