Remakes, Remasters, and Re-releases

Recently, with Bethesda releasing Skyrim again people have been thinking about remakes. People are also very excited about the remake of Final Fantasy VII that is always around the corner. I personally had no interest in playing Skyrim again. There was nothing new added to the game. It is entirely a re-release. With FFVIII, it seems as if they are taking a different road. Square Enix is making the game similar to the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, and I wouldn’t be surprised if both games shared the same engine. Final Fantasy has always been very good with their re-releases. They usually add new dungeons and features, as well as rewriting some of the outdated dialog of the old games. Most of the time, Square Enix re-releases their games some good time after the original came out. Next year we are also getting a remake of Final Fantasy XII that will add a class system. Personally, I didn’t see the need to get Skyrim again. I am the type of person who if I want to play the game again, I’ll go play the original. I see no need in a remake that is just purely graphical. However, I will buy a HD Remake Collection or what have you even if it’s just a graphical upscaling, because you get more than just the original game. Now, I understand that Skyrim is a huge game and probably couldn’t be released with multiple games, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. I would be very interested in the BioShock pack if I didn’t already have BioShock and BioShock Infinite. I feel these collection packages make it much easier for newcomers to a series to get right in. I wanted to play Metal Gear Solid 3, but I really didn’t want to play it on my old PS2, so I bought the collection that contained 4 other games. If people don’t want to bother with outdated hardware or play on an older console than remakes can be great. However, I feel that Skyrim still doesn’t apply her, because the PS3 isn’t that old and most people who would want to play Skyrim again could probably play it. I do appreciate the fact that if you own Skyrim on PC then you get it for free, because Skyrim on PC is almost the same (and practically can be with mods) as the remake. Steam is great for re-releases because older PC games can be very hard to play on modern computers. Steam sells all sorts of classic games, some with HD remastering. All in all, I think that certain types of remakes for games are worth it to me. Maybe it’s not the same for everyone. Comment and tell me what you think about remasters!


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