The Switch, the 3DS, and the Future of Hand-Held Gaming

I love it when this happens. I love it when we get something new, especially when it’s from Nintendo. So, we’re getting a little thing called the Nintendo Switch next March, and hopefully, the little thing will live up to the big hype. I’ve always loved Nintendo’s games and products and I’m sure the Switch will be no different. In fact, I think that if Nintendo can pull this off, they could change a lot. Now, there’s something to be said about portable gaming, and I know that Nintendo has had a pretty good track record with it. Their most recent one, the 3DS, is a bit outdated, however. The screen’s resolution is less than the Vita (which has it’s own sets of problems that I could write an article on if I was more familiar with it.) But yet, the 3DS still strongly sold more units. Both had very solid exclusives, but the 3DS was more marketable towards younger children than the Vita. This article isn’t about 3DS vs Vita, but it’s obvious that Nintendo knows how to make a good portable console. Now to the Switch. Nintendo has called this the “Switch” for a good reason. The Switch can transfer between a console and a portable device. The fact that we could get console level games on a portable system, like where we were getting to with the last generation of portable consoles. As someone who really enjoys playing portable games on a television, the Switch could be great. What does this mean for portable gaming, now that portable gaming is also console gaming? I think that in the future, most games will be developed for both portable and home. I really wish I could play Final Fantasy VII on a big road trip, but I can’t. Now, looking at the Switch and the list of developers that Nintendo is partnering with for the Switch (including Atlus, From Software, and Square Enix) there could be some really good opportunities for great games. Imagine being able to take BloodBorne or Persona 5 wherever you go. It’ll be awesome! If the Big N can pull it off, at least. Most people thought that the Wii U was sort of a failure, however I think it was just as good as any other Nintendo console. Most people thought the same of the GameCube, but a lot of people look back on that as a really good console. No matter of it doesn’t sell as well, I think Nintendo will definitely find some way to make the Switch worth all of its price tag.


One thought on “The Switch, the 3DS, and the Future of Hand-Held Gaming

  1. Nice post! I definitely think the Switch is going to be a HUGE console for Nintendo. After the WiiU, they really need something that will put them back into the game, and this system is going to be the one to do it! I’m excited to see what else they’ll announce on Jan 12th 😀


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