Why I Love: Red Dead Redemption

So, this is something new, and it might be interesting it might not be. This is for when I want to talk about a game but don’t want to write a review out in its own separate format (that you will see at the end of the month). This is just me gushing (or ranting) about a certain game.

Most people know Rockstar Games for their Grand Theft Auto series. While these games are great, I’ve always been much more o a fan of one of their other series, Red Dead. Even though I’ve never played the first game, Red Dead Revolver, I have thoroughly enjoyed Red Dead Redemption. The game is very similar to the GTA series where you explore an open world, do missions, and interact with the residents of the world. However, Red Dead is different because it takes place in the old west. You ride around on your horse, shoot banditos, hunt bounties, and do all sorts of things that reminds you of old spaghetti westerns. Rockstar crafted a really solid world and atmosphere that’s super easy to get lost in. Riding around from one place to another, finding a guy being attacked by bandits or someone whose horse was stolen, and you having to save them. The game just feels so good. The missions feel great and the characters aren’t masterfully crafted but they feel real. Shooting feels so good, especially when everything slows down for a second and you can select your targets with the “Dead Eye” mode. The only problem I really had with the shooting is that it can be hard to shoot and ride a horse, but it’s just as hard as shooting while driving a car in other games. The characters manage to feel real in this almost cheesy Wild West world, and even though the world is small it’s packed with things to do. One time I was riding across the desert and found the sheriff in the middle of a shootout and I decided to help him. I took out most of the bandits in the area and then went to take down the leader and he had the deputy hostage. I messed up and the deputy ended up dead. This game actually made me feel bad for my mistakes and my actions. The game does have a honor system that keeps you from just shooting people and stealing their horses whenever you please. Commit a crime and your honor bar goes down. However, both good and bad actions increase your fame meter. However, your honor stat really affects the gameplay. Right now, my honor is so high that the police won’t chase me until I kill someone. I’ve done so many good things and have become such a legend that I can steal someone’s horse and no one would care as long as I didn’t kill anyone. Honor also affects the price of items and guns at stores, and how much you get paid for jobs you complete. Riding from one place to another, you can hunt and shoot different game in order to skin them. You can then sell the animal skins and meat for money in a town. I’ve never had a problem with money in this game because whenever I see an animal when riding between point a to point b, I skin it. This game still feels fresh 6 years later, and I’m very excited for the sequel coming out next year.


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