Sonic Mania: A Newcomers View

I’ve never played a lot of Sonic games. As a young child, I enjoyed the cartoons on Saturday mornings and played a few of the newer games on the Wii. I never played the classics. Sonic was aways interesting to me. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 had interesting levels, but neither one could keep it interesting for the length of a whole game. When Sonic Mania, a new Sonic game in the style of the classic Genesis ones, was announced, I was interested in it as I thought it could ease me into the older games. Time went on, and I forgot about the game as a whole. As the release date came nearer, I watched a few videos on it, and knew I wanted it. The gameplay looked so much fun, the art was beautiful. I had to play it.

Sonic Mania is a masterfully made game. The art, music, and gameplay all feel straight out of a Genesis game. The way Sonic runs and jumps feels very tight. It all feels so perfect. I played the whole game with CRT mode on, and I almost forgot about it. The game has a wide variety of extras to complete between achievements, secret stages, and unlockable modes. Classic stages like Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone are mixed in with stages like the dazzling Studiopolis Zone. Surprisingly, it all fits together and feels congruent. Not one stage sticks out of place. Even though the game was hard, I never wanted to completely drop it. I had to put it down at certain times, but I always came back with a level head and got the job done. This game did not disappoint, and I never got burnt out on it.

You can tell all the love that has been put into this game. The developers were all people who grew up playing classic Sonic games, and you can feel the love and nostalgia for those games in this one. This feels like what these people want Sonic to be. The music, the art, the level design all seems so much like the originals, but it somehow innovates and takes it to a new level. The title of this article is ‘Sonic Mania: A Newcomers View.” In a lot of ways, that’s about how I was not too familiar with classic Sonic games, but it’s also about the developers. These new people are Sonic fans and know what Sonic fans want. They can provide a new viewpoint, and new insights into how to design a Sonic game. It truly is a game of passion and affection for the series. A series that many people share that love for.


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