Sonic Mania: A Newcomers View

I’ve never played a lot of Sonic games. As a young child, I enjoyed the cartoons on Saturday mornings and played a few of the newer games on the Wii. I never played the classics. Sonic was aways interesting to me. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 had interesting levels, but neither one could keep it … Continue reading Sonic Mania: A Newcomers View


Why is “The Stanley Parable” So Interesting?

Most games that you play involve some sort of mechanic and a good amount of games also integrate a story. I believe that, on average, most games do not integrate their mechanics into the story. While you could argue that a mechanic like shooting is integrated into the story because you play as a character … Continue reading Why is “The Stanley Parable” So Interesting?

Game Polish and the Little Things

When I play games, I hold gameplay highest. My favorite thing a game developer does is when they make something really clever that makes you wonder why people haven't used that more often. Nintendo does a really good job with some of this stuff. Look at Earthbound, a basic-looking RPG, with a wonderful world and … Continue reading Game Polish and the Little Things