In Defense of Easy Difficulties

Games are hard. Games can be frustrating, and recently, there's been an influx of games that put the emphasis on challenge. Games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne punish the player for every mistake they make, and titles like Cuphead focus on the players skill and reaction to complex animations. I see the appeal in this. … Continue reading In Defense of Easy Difficulties


Sonic Mania: A Newcomers View

I’ve never played a lot of Sonic games. As a young child, I enjoyed the cartoons on Saturday mornings and played a few of the newer games on the Wii. I never played the classics. Sonic was aways interesting to me. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 had interesting levels, but neither one could keep it … Continue reading Sonic Mania: A Newcomers View

Why is “The Stanley Parable” So Interesting?

Most games that you play involve some sort of mechanic and a good amount of games also integrate a story. I believe that, on average, most games do not integrate their mechanics into the story. While you could argue that a mechanic like shooting is integrated into the story because you play as a character … Continue reading Why is “The Stanley Parable” So Interesting?

Game Polish and the Little Things

When I play games, I hold gameplay highest. My favorite thing a game developer does is when they make something really clever that makes you wonder why people haven't used that more often. Nintendo does a really good job with some of this stuff. Look at Earthbound, a basic-looking RPG, with a wonderful world and … Continue reading Game Polish and the Little Things