The Switch, the 3DS, and the Future of Hand-Held Gaming

I love it when this happens. I love it when we get something new, especially when it's from Nintendo. So, we're getting a little thing called the Nintendo Switch next March, and hopefully, the little thing will live up to the big hype. I've always loved Nintendo's games and products and I'm sure the Switch … Continue reading The Switch, the 3DS, and the Future of Hand-Held Gaming


Remakes, Remasters, and Re-releases

Recently, with Bethesda releasing Skyrim again people have been thinking about remakes. People are also very excited about the remake of Final Fantasy VII that is always around the corner. I personally had no interest in playing Skyrim again. There was nothing new added to the game. It is entirely a re-release. With FFVIII, it … Continue reading Remakes, Remasters, and Re-releases

What’s Great About Let’s Plays

YouTube has quickly gained popularity in the recent years. While there's all sorts of different content on the site, a lot of it is about video games. In fact, that is the kind of content I watch on the Internet. Reviews, news, and other types of game videos are very popular, but nothing has gained … Continue reading What’s Great About Let’s Plays

Why The Punisher is My Favorite Comic Character.

The Punisher is my favorite comic book character. I don't really classify him as a super-hero, but I don't really like the term anti-hero. Anti-hero gives off the vibe that The Punisher is, at some level, a hero, and he's not. The Punisher is a man. That's all he is. He has no super power … Continue reading Why The Punisher is My Favorite Comic Character.

Are Quicktime Events Fun?

Quicktime events. Love them or hate them, they're there. Sometimes, games do them well. Sometimes, they don't. Some people say they're fun. Some say they're not. I personally enjoy them if they are done correctly. Recently, I've been playing The Order. The shooting is fine and so far it's nothing special, but there's nothing that … Continue reading Are Quicktime Events Fun?

Adventure Games Roots and the Future

During the 80s and 90s, one of the most popular genres for PCs were Adventure Games. With a focus on exploration, story, and problem and puzzle-solving these games created wonderful experiences that end up being pretty memorable. However, it seems that the golden-age adventure games aren't really the heavy hitters they used to be. In … Continue reading Adventure Games Roots and the Future